Upstream: A Mohawk Valley Cultural and Counter-Cultural Journal Daniel T. Weaver

ISBN: 9781448605194

Published: August 1st 2011


114 pages


Upstream: A Mohawk Valley Cultural and Counter-Cultural Journal  by  Daniel T. Weaver

Upstream: A Mohawk Valley Cultural and Counter-Cultural Journal by Daniel T. Weaver
August 1st 2011 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 114 pages | ISBN: 9781448605194 | 10.78 Mb

A Mohawk Valley cultural and counter-cultural journal. Primarily non-fiction and written by current and former Mohawk Valley residents, Upstream contains articles on history, literature, politics and many other issues. While many articles focus on the Mohawk Valley, some articles deal with statewide, national and international issues. Table of Contents.

Slow Train Coming: Oil Depletion & Delusional Thinking. James Howard Kunstler. Lost Birds: A review of the Little Falls documentary, Lost Sparrow by Joseph Bruchac. Bruchacs review is also an essay on the meaning of the deaths of two Crow children in Little Falls in 1978 and the sometimes tragic result of Native American children adopted by white people. Sometimes You Can Go Home Again. Chris Billing, the brother of the two Crow bows killed on the train tracks near Little Falls in 1978, describes his visits to Little Falls to shoot Lost Sparrow and to premiere it.

Sexual Abuse and the Concept of Redemption in Lost Sparrow. Daniel Weaver. Begorra! Amsterdam, not NYC, Site of New Yorks First Saint Patricks Day. Robert von Hesseln, City of Amsterdam Historian. Looking a Gift Horse. A personal essay by K. Wayne on one of the temptations of middle-age. Hollywood Beds. A personal essay by former Amsterdam, New York resident, Linda C.

Wisniewski, in which she reflects on the meaning of a purchase her father made. Tal Streeter and Public Art in Amsterdam, NY. Dan Weaver From Fundamentalism to Feminism - A Journey. Part One. Ruth Peterson. Carnival by Kelly de la Rocha. A poem. Welcome To Walmart by Todd Fabozzi. A poem. Letters to a Son at Sea. Excerpts from letters an Amsterdamian father wrote to his son in the navy during the 1940s and 50s. Ground Zero Diary. Robert N. Going. The daily record of a Red Cross volunteer from Amsterdam during the days after 9/11. Fox News in the Hen House: Hamilton College, Bill OReilly and Ward Churchills Controversial 9/11 Remarks Revisited by Dan Weaver.

An essay on free speech. The Triumph of Wikileaks. L. Douglas Davidson makes a strong case for why Wikileaks is a positive thing. One Man, Typing. Jay Towne. An argument with God in the tradition of the biblical Job and Rabbi Kushner.

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