Siste båt fra Singapore Alistair MacLean

ISBN: 9788202044725

Published: 1980


274 pages


Siste båt fra Singapore  by  Alistair MacLean

Siste båt fra Singapore by Alistair MacLean
1980 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 274 pages | ISBN: 9788202044725 | 3.19 Mb

Its interesting to investigate MacLeans early novels to see the original formulation of all the hackneyed narrative conventions and action-cliches that he came to rely on later in his career. Thats the main thing I got out of this novel.MacLean is definitely one of the oddest of the successful thriller writers to come out of WWII. Some of his works (Guns of Navarone) have themes latent within them which can be raised to greatness. Most of his novels are simply workmanlike, filled technically ingenious heists and commando raids.This book written in 58--but written with a WWII sensibility.

Japs are referred to as diabolical devils, inhuman fiends, etc. Strange choice of material for MacLean here, in that he uses rather mundane military forces as the antagonists instead of the obviously fictitious and cozily-abstract elite, crack, units he would always invent later.There are no sophisticated weapons in this novel either- just your standard battle fleets, bayonets, machine-guns, and dive bombers.

Its all really rather prosaic. A straightforward war story.Well, almost. There are inevitably a couple of lurid elements--secret plans on microfilm and 100,000 tonnes of secret fuel oil sought by the minions of the Rising Sun. Really, most of the story is about survival on a crowded life-raft.But what I was looking for when I picked up the book--fully-fledged characters and realistic dialog--neither was present.

Theyre not present in the later MacLean career... but I was hoping this early writing would not be part of the formula. I was disappointed.Instead of three-dimensional personalities, there are circus caricatures. Like the Scots Sergeant-Major who can fell anyone with a massive blow from his club-like fist.

Like the heroic protagonist who gives speeches while tossing grenades, its nothing, really, all in a days work. And at least two of the shipwreck survivors are secretly saboteurs. Naturally.Eric Ambler does all this so much better. Ambler distracts the reader from the predictable story goal. MacLean doesnt bother. He telegraphs what the macguffin is at the start of his stories.

In this case, Jaqva Head MacLean again is brusquely upfront, informs us (painfully) that the outcome of his plot has a nation teetering on the brink of disaster. Still, he gets away with it. Because hes an action writer- and he has a fabulous dexterity at writing his own particular style of action which no one else wants to do.His style is interchangeable no matter what the title of the books are- its uncanny the way he never switches anything up or tries something new.

His male heroes are unique in never needing sleep- possessing fantastic calm even in the wildest chaos- and never questioning themselves no matter what. Its gets very tiring.South By Java Head is cast from the same die as his later line of hits. On its own- nothing very special. A lesser example of his abilities but found quite near the debut of his career. Thats whats remarkable.

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