Disciplining Dani: Complete Series Eliza DeGaulle


Published: January 28th 2014



Disciplining Dani: Complete Series  by  Eliza DeGaulle

Disciplining Dani: Complete Series by Eliza DeGaulle
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She wants him, and will do anything to have him, no matter how much he claims its taboo.When Dani is exiled out to Uncle Clints farm, she thinks her life is over - little does she know is that Uncle Clint turns out to be the man of her dreams. No matter how wrong it may seem, shes obsessed with making him understand with understand its perfectly alright to love her completely in return, to embrace her in romance and in lust.Contains all three chapters of the Discipling Dani series.-Flaunting At the Farm-Dani is going to get all the attention she wants... and then some.Dani is in big trouble.

Arrested and disgraced, shes faced with an ultimatum from her distraught mother - spend a year on Uncle Clints farm, or be cut out of her life.When she arrives on the fields, shes surprised to see that old Clint isnt the geezer she envisioned... but instead a hotter older man who quickly dominates her thoughts and fantasies.Dani quickly learns that there are lessons to be had, and Uncle Clint has a very hands on way of teaching them - lessons of humility and sexuality, lessons that she will need to use her mouth to learn.-Backdoor in the Barn-Her insatiable lust will get her trouble once again...Dani is smitten with Uncle, the wise farmer who has taken her under his wing.

Uncle Clint wants nothing more than a student and teacher relationship with the young lustful Dani, feeling that taking it beyond that would be wrong - hes suppose to be her mentor figure, and hes not suppose to be mentoring her like that.Dani wont be deterred, even as she values his advice to keep her first time special.

She still has a craving that only lust can fulfill, offering her rear to an inexperienced farm hand, which Uncle Clint abruptly puts a stop to. He has to do something about Dani, and a spanking, a lesson about taking care back there, and passionate, messy act with her rear may be whats needed to bring her under control.-Her First Time-She wants him, no matter what it takes.Dani isnt going to let two incredible acts of love between her and Uncle Clint be the only ones they ever experience.

More invigorated than ever to have him, her shameless advances anger the old man, who views a potential relationship with Dani as sinful, deviant, and taboo.After Dani lashes out, Uncle Clint realizes Danis lusts wont be so easily contained. He breaks down and agrees to give Dani exactly what she wants, but itll be under his terms: bareback and unprotected. Clint hopes the blunt ultimatum will finally deter the wild girl, but he soon finds she truly is insatiable.A combined 25,000 words. Not for readers under the age of 18.

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