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Published: February 13th 2011


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6 Figure List Secrets  by  Lou Diamond

6 Figure List Secrets by Lou Diamond
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The Cure For A Small Profitless List Is Yours When You...Discover The Exact Secret Formula I Used To Squeeze My List For 6-Figures!Got No List? A Small List? A Dead List? Heres How You Can Squeeze Double Or Triple The Profits From Your ListMoreThe Cure For A Small Profitless List Is Yours When You...Discover The Exact Secret Formula I Used To Squeeze My List For 6-Figures!Got No List? A Small List? A Dead List? Heres How You Can Squeeze Double Or Triple The Profits From Your List Starting Today!Dear Friend,Making money on demand is easy when you have a list of super responsive subscribers.But if you have a small list or if your list seems to be dead, trying to get money from them is like trying to extract teeth - it just doesnt happen easily.Even if you do have a big list, it doesnt matter how many subscribers you have, the only thing that equals dollars in your pocket is how they well respond to your emails.Too many marketers are experiencing poor performance from their email list so if you thought it was just you, youre not alone.Well now, you can find out how to make more money from your list or build it full of subscribers who will open and read your emails for literally cents on the dollar!What Makes The Difference Between A 6-Figure List And A Dead List?Screw all those big guru guys who say build a massive list and make millions!Sure a big list helps, but these days a big list isnt everyting.

doesnt equal big cash windfalls.It used to be that way until more and more marketers caught on to the power of email marketing and spam filters and ISPs blocking make it harder to get your emails through to your subscribers.Without giving away too much here, a couple of the biggest secrets that go into building a 6 figure list has little to do with technology.Heres a little secret...

It has mostly to do with establishing and keeping a good reputation - to get your readers interested in what you have to say!Youve probably heard similar things before, but chances are you dont know HOW to build that following let alone how to keep people interested to read ALL your emails.But luckily for you today, thats what Im going to teach you exactly how to do, and MORE in my new ebook!All Is Revealed Inside...6 Figure List SecretsThe Marketing Secrets Used To Generate 6 Figures From My List6 figure listA Proven Blueprint For Sucking Double Or Triple The Profits From Your Dead List!For the first time ever, Im revealing my tried and tested formula for squeezing 6 figure from my list (& promoting just 1 product!) inside this no-fluff 148 page ebook!Unlike other list building and email marketing ebooks that are full of fluff, 6 Figure List Secrets contains information that is based on proven facts and experiences.Youll see the exact steps I took to build my list, setting up my sales funnel and the exact emails that I sent to rake in 6 figures from my subscribers.

If youre fed up with making next to nothing from your list, this ebook is about to change everything!Use the proven strategies inside 6 Figure List Secrets in your business today and fill your list with super responsive, loyal subscribers who will love handing over their money for anything you offer them time and time again!Heres What Youll Learn Inside 6 Figure List SecretsHeres a sample of the secrets youre about to discover in the 148 pages of solid content...3 ways you can grow your business right now--and which of them can be responsible for 80% of your profits over what youre making now!The exact autoresponder sequence I use for one of my best-selling products...and why it led to a 22.5% conversion rate in SALES for this $97 product for one target market!The 3 factors, in order of importance, that will determine how successful your product launch will be (and how to maximize your odds for success)The one critical factor that determines whether your recipient will open your email (no, its not your subject line, its who the email is FROM!

Heres how to develop your relationship to the point where they open it automatically once they see its from you!)All the squeeze pages I tested to get them to opt-in, plus the actual conversion numbers of each one.How to test reverse opt-ins to boost your list subscriptions even more.The exact emails that I use (that you can adapt for your own campaigns) to get great testimonials and case studies, find out what products they want to buy from you, gain referrals, reduce support tickets and refund rates, and much more!Why some unannounced bonuses can actually INCREASE your refund rate and keep them from buying from you in the future--and how to make sure youre not the one giving those butt-ugly bonuses (Its more than just giving them junk!)

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