Visões de Robô - Robôs 9 Isaac Asimov




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Visões de Robô - Robôs 9  by  Isaac Asimov

Visões de Robô - Robôs 9 by Isaac Asimov
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Ive enjoyed everything that Ive ever read by Asimov, and this is no exception. Hardly surprising at this point. The robot short stories are always very fun to read. Its amazing how many great story ideas he was able to get out of three unbreakable laws, isnt it?Lets break this collection down a bit. Of the 18 stories in this collection, seven can also be found in I, Robot. In fact, every story from I, Robot but one can also be found here, without the linking text starring Susan Calvin. Im not saying that people who have read I, Robot can skip Robot Visions, or vice versa.

Far from it. I love the linking text in I, Robot, and would have been sorry to miss it. And there are truly excellent stories here that arent in I, Robot, including one with Elijah Baley and Daneel. Despite the overlap, Im glad that I read both collections. I, Robot was, to my memory, the first that I ever read of Asimov, so seeing those stories again was somewhat nostalgic.

Plus, the cover art is really spectacular.The essays, on the other hand, will probably leave a lot of readers cold. For me, I was amazed at how little they felt dated, considering that the most recent essay is now 25 years old. I think its in the conversational, easy way Asimov is able to explain his thoughts, and it certainly helped that he was thinking so far ahead. I didnt like all of them, to be honest, but as a whole they were far more interesting than not.

I forget sometimes that a lot of his writing was nonfiction, and this was a good reminder.But this is probably only a book for real enthusiasts of Asimovs brand of robots. Everyone else should stick to I, Robot, which is a great book in its own right.

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