The Blessings of Stefan John Jetty

ISBN: 9780975686706

Published: 2004


623 pages


The Blessings of Stefan  by  John Jetty

The Blessings of Stefan by John Jetty
2004 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 623 pages | ISBN: 9780975686706 | 7.24 Mb

Back cover blurb:A thousand years hence lovers will still have to fight to be free. A thousand years hence there is still conspiracy, murder and betrayal. A thousand years hence is a city, deep underground, where every single person is blind. Except for Thurii Brook of Summerisland - he alone can see. This is the story of Thurii and of Corinth, eldest daughter of the Lords Spiritual.

What terrible tragedy had happened all those years ago so frightening the Church that it had closed ranks and engaged in a massive cover-up?Corinths father - the Lords Spiritual. What was his part in this? And Thurii? For he too was inextricably involved. Corinths search for the truth leads to a tumultuous final battle in which she and Thurii have to fight for survival, not just their survival but that of the entire city.

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