New York Is Now!: The New Wave Of Free Jazz Phil Freeman

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New York Is Now!: The New Wave Of Free Jazz  by  Phil Freeman

New York Is Now!: The New Wave Of Free Jazz by Phil Freeman
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For nearly twenty years, often with little or no recognition, a community of New York musicians has been creating new music in the tradition of pioneers such as Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor and John Coltrane, but which is uniquely their own. During the 1990s, free jazz broke through to an entirely new audience of alternative rock listeners, introducing them to the extraordinarily vital music that is being created in and around New York City.

Rejuvenated by the interest and support of this new audience, free jazz is experiencing a renaissance. New York is Now is a passionate account of that renaissance, taking us into the world of free jazz and its players, including an exploration of the scene that has sprung up around them, the venues where they perform, the independent record labels that release their music, and the rock magazines that cover them, even when the jazz press will not.

Here is the story, not of the 1960s, but of the 1990s and beyond. With candor and insight, often letting the musicians tell their own stories, Phil Freeman pulls no punches as he shows how free jazz has transformed itself from a rebellion against the jazz mainstream to a parallel, equally viable tradition in its own right.

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